March / April 2015

// May 19th, 2015 // News

A few flicks of the fly in the Tugela River Valley, fantastic evening flights of geese, burning hot barrels at the Red-Eyed Pigeon and dove as well as some big-game hunting were the order of the day for the beginning of the 2015 Hunting Season.

Jim Pfeiffer from Wisconsin, Uwe Fischer from Germany and Tony Ball from the UK were all fortunate enough to get some fantastic Gold Medal Trophy animals.

Robert and Barney Hitchings from the UK enjoyed some good sport at the Red-Eyed Pigeon and flighting geese.

The Wild Wing Safaris Team managed to win the Rocky Classic 2015 this year with 267 Red-Eyed Pigeons on competition day.

Looking forward to a cracking 2015 hunting season!
Hope to see you all soon.

Kind regards,
Wayne Dunne

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