Wild Wing Safaris boasts the best and most consistent waterfowl hunting in Southern Africa, offering 21 species of gamebirds. Wild Wing Safaris provides both basic safari packages as well as unique tailor made safaris. The bird hunting safaris take place in the Drakensberg mountains, Natal midlands, and the Orange Free State. Contrasting hunting styles are employed for the various birds. Due to the migratory habits of the wild birds, the hunting is done over a massive area. Wild Wing Safaris assures great opportuinies at wild birds with a generous bag.

Hot barreled high volume Rock Pigeon shooting is done over sunflower fields – it is extremely challenging shooting. A couple days of rock pigeon shooting can easily be tailored into a plains game hunting safari. The optimum time for a rock pigeon is from March though to the end of May.

Spurwing and Egyptian Geese are by far the toughest African game birds. The Spurwing is the larger of the two, reaching 10kg. These game birds put any sportsman’s skill to the ultimate test. 12 gauge shotguns are recommended.
The optimum time for hunting geese is from late May through to the end of August.

Ducks and Teal are mainly hunted in the evening when flighting into ponds, dams and crop fields. It’s always a fantastic way to end off a good day’s shooting. The optimum time for ducks and teal is from June through to late August, especially August.

The Guinea Fowl and Francolin are hunted by drives, beats and over schooled pointers. The Guinea fowl is probably the cleverest of all the game birds, and can provide some fantastic shooting. However, the best results are achieved with hunting parties of 12 guns or more! Optimum time for the ground bird is over June, July, and August.

Bird Species 

  1. Spurwing goose
  2. Egyptian goose
  3. Yellow billed duck
  4. White faced whistling duck
  5. Cape teal
  6. Red billed teal
  7. Hottentot teal
  8. Cape shoveller
  9. Southern pochard
  10. Fulvous duck
  11. White backed duck
  12. Shell duck
  13. Swainson’s francolin
  14. Red wing francolin
  15. Grey wing francolin
  16. Natal francolin
  17. Crested francolin
  18. Helmeted francolin
  19. Rock pigeon
  20. Rameron pigeon
  21. Ring neck pigeon