Africa’s freshwater fighters

Tiger Fishing in the Pongola River, South Africa
“Travel a thousand miles by train and you are a brute; pedal five hundred on a bicycle and you remain basically a bourgeois; paddle a hundred in a canoe and you are already a child of nature”. Pierre Trudeau.

Nowhere does this saying ring more true than on the beautiful Pongola River in sunny South Africa. Just 60km south of Mozambique, the Pongola has a distinctly tropical feel. Warm clear waters meander around white sandbanks and under ancient Sycamore Fig trees. Visibility of over 2 meters allows you to watch the river bottom slip seamlessly by as you glide downstream on water as clear and smooth as molten glass. Lean back into the comfortable backrest, soak up the sun and marvel at the natural beauty that surrounds you as you float on by…

Flick a fly into the seemingly calm waters, however, and you may be in for a rude awakening. The Pongola River is home to a staggering 50 species of fish, making it the most diverse freshwater ecosystem in South Africa. Topping the food chain at a whopping 16lb’s is the mighty Tiger fish (Hydrocynus vittatis) offering arguably the best freshwater sport fishing on the continent. Keen fisherman travel far and wide in search of the brutal take and reel screeching fight that is unmatched in the icthyofaunal kingdom. The Pongola system offers the only malaria free Tiger fishing in Africa, and the calm nature of the river (which is almost devoid of any rapids) means that you don’t even have to get wet doing so, nor do you have to worry about hippos and crocodiles as there are none on our exclusive 40km of river. Top off a weekend’s fishing with a short drive to Lake Jozini, and watch elephants come down to drink while enjoying a sunset boat cruise… Paradise!

We run operations out of two tented camps on the banks of the Pongola River and in a pristine 300ha community run conservancy known as Kwa-Nyamazane. A conservation fee goes to the local community creating employment and funds for the upkeep of Kwa-Nyamazane. Local paddlers and guides are available for hire, making for a very relaxed trip indeed as all you have to do is fish!

Tiger Fishing in the Cahora Bassa Dam, Mozambique

Cabora Bassa dam is 270 km stretch of pristine Tiger fishing paradise, untouched and untamed. Protected by civil war in the past, and now by its remote location, it remains the best undiluted “hot spot” for fishing the Tiger.

We divide Cahora Bassa dam into categories: gorges, open water, islands, narrows, river and source. We have access to camps all the way through this 270 km stretch of water, all of which are fully equipped with fantastic facilities, boats, and great fishing.The best time for Tigers is from early October through to late April.

Tailored fishing trips can be put together to suit every sportsman. Camps range from rustic to luxury. Wild Wing Safaris offers an all-inclusive package, so there are no extra add on’s and you can simply get into the fishing side of things and enjoy!